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Monday, 17 August 2015

What's for dinner ?

Can you believe we spent a solid 5 hours in the kitchen, chopping , mixing , blending, stirring and creating our amazing dinner? 

Fresh ingredients from the estate and I mean we literally walk out of the kitchen to pick cherry tomatoes, zuchinni, berries and herbs. Rinse and use immediately. So what's for dinner ?


Starters : Eggplant pudding with tomato salsa
Entrée: Gnocchi with zuchinni flowerette with Italian pork sausage sauce
Main: Pork fillet with walnut paste and fresh fennel salad
Dessert: Panecotta with berry sauce

For any good meal that one has prepared, the table setting and ambience is a must right?

      Every night we have a new style to the table setting. Fresh uncut cherry tomatoes in a jar with ribbon or blossoms from the garden with lentils peas and otherdried legumes   sprinkled on the table. Simple yet so impressive. You know that's what I'm going to be trying once I get home. Can't let good ideas roll without a try 😉

Should we sit here or ...  

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