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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Fat Pizza !

The cooking techniques keep rolling on and I'm keen to perfect this one. Today is pizza Mamma!!!!!

Thank God my friend Arthur is building a pizza oven because I'm taking over.  So Arthur,  have that oven finished by the time I get back home !

Who knew that pizza dough is so delicate? It's like that 7 sifted flour sponge cake that your grandma makes with the passion fruit icing dripping down the sides. Well pizza dough requires that same amount of delicate love to achieve a thin crispy edge without the soggy centre.

It doesn't like to be stretched, poked , over floured , under floured, thrown up in the air and man handled. That bizzo of throwing in the air is for the cameras because we all couldn't wait to try that technique. So Franco patiently explains that whilst it looks sensational and truly makes us worship the pizza chef, on the side the real pizza is used that the camera doesn't  show us. Yep, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but any chef that throws his pizza around will result in a soggy fat pizza!

So I suppose the next step would be to explain how to achieve that delicious pizza base right ?
Ummmm... Are you kidding I'm not going to tell you !  First I'm going to try it again at home , wow your socks off and then if you treat me with lots of love , bring me many gifts of Veuve champagne which hopefully will make me talk. Until then .....look and weep because this was my pizza

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