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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Honey it's Heaven here - Torre Del Tartufo

I left you with details of the interesting people I met, but for now they will be second place because when we arrived at the villa estate - Torre del Tartufo (Tower of Truffles) nothing else mattered. OMG!!!!!!! OMf$&@kinG!!!!

It's heaven here........

You know when you want to pinch yourself because it "just can't be true" well stitch me up baby it's magical. Hosts -Alex & Lena show us around. Imagine an original fortress villa from the late 1700 century with multiple alcoves and levels that lead you to all fascinating secluded places.

My west wing bedroom overlooks the hillside with a stunning marble bathroom , original lounge with open fireplace and shutters all round. Original that all the ceilings can be reached by an extended arm for that relativity.

We meet our chef - Franco Palandra, a retired chef of over 30 years who now is one of the main chef's teaching our course. Lunch is served in one of many outdoor dining areas overlooking the hills. Vino Branco e Rosso we are told is available at any time night or day. We are encouraged to treat ourselves like we are at home. No need to lock rooms , secure bags  or worry about anything but to relax enjoy and have a great time.

I've come to the right place .....

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