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Monday, 17 August 2015

Best Psycho I ever met !

I should add that Psycho is the name of the wine...  because the owner is a psychologist by day and makes wine and manages the tours / tastings in his spare time. 

This our next fabulous stop on the excursion - Villa La Ripa . At over 1,000 years old the villa is amazing! Most of the rooms are furnished with the original furniture including an indoor Chapel off the music room. The current owner Dr Luzzi, held his daughters wedding at the estate and was married in the home chapel. Such a magnificent building that has a wow factor as soon as you reach the front gates. The rear once stables now converted to a large tasting room and the tasting begins. With a selection of delicious cheeses matching the 4 boutique wines (Psycho included) we learn of the passion creating these superb wines. 

  All the plumbing fittings are original & still operational for daily use.

  the stable rooms

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