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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Arezzo and me

With all these amazing restaurants and bistros screaming at me where are the pictures of food?. Honestly I crashed after my adventures yesterday but woke up to this amazing Home cooked Italian spread for breakfast ......... Yummo

Last wanders through the gorgeousness of Arezzo with an abundance of cafe e bistros offering the mandatory Italian coffee.

Then my ride arrives to take us high into the Tuscan mountains. I meet the first of my cooking buddies - Ellen from New York. Also her first trip without her husband and family. A truly nervous and new experience for her only because her family are in Tanzania and she couldn't bear the altitude sickness (her personal phobia). Then Michelle arrives who is from Texas but living as an expat in Amsterdam (we click instantly ). We 3 ladies share our stories of first time solo travellers and are totally high fiving each other for our bravery. For me, it's another tick because after all I was hoping to meet like minded people on my tour. The remaining group consist of Elizabeth (UK) single, solo traveller who drives herself to the tops of the Tuscany hillsides - so brave we all think, Cynthia and Alan -a gorgeous elderly couple who have been everywhere in the world and soooo damn interesting.  Alan is here to eat and will leave the cooking to Cynthia. Oh and they are Canadian. The final couple - Brian & Leigh from Sth Africa. A special trip for them to celebrate Leigh's birthday.

So the fun begins.....

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