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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Baci me bello

One of the great things I will take away with me in my time in Tuscany is the brilliant tuition we received at Torre del Tartufo. The extreme patience Franco Palandra displayed is totally gob smacking. Generally chefs are known to be hot tempered because the kitchen pressure is insane.  This place is different yes, but to share your kitchen with wannabe cooks is a different scenario. He always made you feel that learning was always good and mistakes made you a better cook. Paula his right arm was equally the unbelievable in her assistance.  

Franco, Paula , Lena & Alex (hosts) joined us for the final dinner at Torre del Tartufo. The group - Brian & Leigh , Elena, Michelle, Elizabeth, Cynthia & Alan shared our final laughs over the incredible meal we prepared. Tomatoe soup was our starter with Parma gelato. Yep don't knock it until you try it.
That white blob is Parma gelato
As the evening moved on, the guest book came out for signing by all the guests. Of course, my signature lipstick lips made it to the pages with my little spiel. Suddenly, the light bulb goes off. Replying my lipstick (bright red of course), I say my goodbyes to Franco as he will be leaving shortly. In true Italian style, kisses are very appropriate. However, Franco was not prepared for this kiss. When I walked up to him I said "baci mi bello" and planted a huge kiss on his bald head!. The group burst into hysterics with  the look on his face. He totally lost his composure and turned as red as my lipstick. Truly a Kodak moment.  A fun way to finish the night.

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