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Thursday, 13 August 2015

2 planes, 2 trains, Life is Beautiful in Arezzo

Arezzo  is the charming medieval town location to Roberto Benigni's Oscar award winning movie "La vita e Bella" (Life is Beautiful).

Historical, beautiful frescoes and the Piazza Grande being the main square. My first stop for a refreshing ale.

I know what your thinking , but hey it's been 2 planes , 2 trains and no sleep since I left Melbourne. Did I mention it's extremely hot with temperature hovering around 35!.


Wandering through the town I got the feeling it was a mini Florence without the huge crowds or masses of tour buses. So I spent the afternoon taking in all the glorious archtitecture - Masters of a Renaissance - Piero della Francesa ,  Pieve do Santa Maria and the San Domenico cathedral. The list goes on. Following the cobbled stone streets and  passing the numerous outdoor ristorante.

Piazza Grande -location of Life is beautiful 

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