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Friday, 14 August 2015

Ready Steady Cook

The kitchen overlooks the Tuscan hills with the sun streaming through enhancing the already warm temperature. Who can tell if the beads of sweat across our foreheads are from excitement , heat or nerves. Suddenly reality kicks in questioning my abilities, but Franco reassures us "dis isa you're olledaya"  a time to enjoy e relax.

Our class begins with kitchen safety and the location of tools and equipment. Instructions on knife handling and cleanliness. Are we concentrating on the chef's delivery of this important part of class? Ummmm ..... not really. We are too busy giggling like little school girls because we have our special issue aprons with Tuscookany logos ( in my world it reads -Masterchef), our own cook books containing all the recipes shared by this special place and then we are beaming and secretly high fiving each other BECAUSE WE CANT BELEIVE WE ARE HERE Biatches hehehehe

We are separated into small groups to cover the various dishes we will cook for our dinner tonight. With a glass of vino in hand, the music pumped up and in my mind the crowds are chanting - Ready , Steady COOK!

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