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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ahhhh, Italy how I love you x

Q: So when does Ginz Tuscan Tastes commence? 

Is it the moment I arrive in Roma after 20 plus hours of flying? Can it be the moment I purchase a delicious panini from la stazione at Roma Termini or could it possibly be the train trip to Arezzo- the Tuscany region?

A: For me it's all of the above. Firstly, it feels surreal I'm experiencing this amazing trip without Andrew. Yep, you knew I would have to mention that amazing person. On this trip, gone is the one that scouts out processes whilst the other manages the bags. The travel companion that looks out for those shonky guys that the ticket machine warns you about with every ticket purchase. The travel team is reduced to one and it's okay. A few missed turns here and there but all in all I'm here, it's unbelievable and yes Ginz Tuscan Tastes has commenced.

On the train to Rome

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