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Monday, 17 August 2015

Rest and play makes the day

So you can imagine the food we have been preparing and EATING and not to mention the drinking is really starting to take its toll. We all make a pinky promise that as soon as we get back home we will fatten you up with our amazing culinary expertise. But for now I'll take my early morning coffee, sit by the pool and enjoy.

I really don't want to miss a thing and today we have a big excursion. Rest & play makes the day. 

We are herded (because we are becoming the size a barn animal) into a mini bus and head off to Arezzo. Secretly, I'm like - yeah been there done that blah, blah , blah...

Yes Gina,  Miss Know It All, but did you make it to the top of the city where the original fortress walls still stand and discover the home of the first ever known tourist to make history? Introducing the concept dates back the 1700 century.  Rest for now because in the next part there will be more play as it was a big day.

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