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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Truffles truffles truffles

Historically this estate is known for its truffles - black truffles at this time of year have had their season so are on the decrease and the white truffles (rare in general) even rarer during this time of year.
So at one stage, Franco stops our cooking class because he has arranged for a local truffle farmer and his highly trained truffle dog Luna to demonstrate finding truffles around the estate. In France, pigs are generally the key to finding the truffles but are greedy and often eat the precious produce - pigs right ???

Luna on the other hand is a special Italian breed of dog similar to a poodle (thinking of you Rexy and your next trick). Truffles are a fungi hence grow best under oak trees around the estate, fully shaded and found just under the top layer of soil thriving on the richness of the soil. We set off down the estate to the massive oak trees and Luna trots off nose down, tail wagging and on the hunt. Within minutes, scratch scratch and she has found a truffle. Quickly the farmer removes it from her mouth and substitutes with a dog treat. Content she sets off again. Luna would happily eat the truffle too but commanded to pause upon finding the truffle she waits sheepishly to have it taken from her. Secretly, I think she curses the farmer - damn you bundy!!!!

The fruits of our labour , well Luna's labour anyway. I know what you're thinking and yes , maybe Luna left something else behind.

Upon our return Franco mentions how the tomatoes are in abundance on the estate and truly the sweetest thing you have ever tasted. So a slice of tomatoe e local cheese torta awaits to be devoured and washed down with a glass of vino and then back to work in the kitchen.

Ellena from New York - a fellow solo traveller for the first time  

Did I mention this pool is Devine

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